Babywearing (noun) : The action or practice of carrying a baby close against one’s body in a sling. To literally wear your baby.

The Benefits of Babwearing 

A beautiful love journey begins as the wrap allows you to carry your newborn in the same position they assumed in the womb, making it easy for eye contact and to bond with your new loved one. The snug feeling of the wrap and the sounds of mom’s heartbeat and voice helps calm the baby. Research shows that babies who are carried in a wrap, cry less, sleep more peacefully, nurse better and gain weight better, enjoy better digestion and this even helps for colic and reflux babies. 

From the Womb into the World 

The wrap creates the feeling of the womb as it moulds to yours and babe’s body creating a safe and secure environment for babe. Being nestled in the arms, against the chest, and near the parent’s face, gives your baby the most soothing of all environments. Mother’s walking motion reminds baby of rhythm he / she enjoyed while in the womb. The wrap encircles and contains the infant who would otherwise waste energy moving his / her arms and legs around, randomly attempting to settle. A worn baby is only a breath away from his / her parent’s voice. Babies settle better in this “live” environment. 


Baby’s comfort is of utmost importance, so no zips, velcro and buttons are used. This premium product is made from a high a quality fabric blend of 95% cotton and 5% spandex which allows for elasticity, shock absorption and comfort. The wrap has a single layer of material to make the sling breathable and prevents the infant from overheating. 

One Size Fits All 

The wrap is the perfect fit for prems, newborns and babies up to 10kg’s. The wrap can be used by both mom and dad and is the perfect baby shower gifts for expectant parents. 

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