Why swaddle your baby?

Swaddling is the art of wrapping a baby snuggly in a thin blanket for warmth and security. It can keep your baby from being disturbed by involuntary startle response, by keeping it calm and secure.

Our stretch swaddle sets are perfect for swaddling your newborn and keeping them snug, without over heating them. Soft, breathable stretch fabric which allows for adequate movement and limits “startle” reflex which causes them to awake during sleep. Also wonderful for draping over bare baby skin while outdoors, or when indoors or when its a little chilly.  Can also be used to cover while nursing, as the swaddle wrap is light and soft, so it wont leave you feeling hot and sweaty, like other heavier blankets often do. The swaddle blanket can be used as a comfort blanket into toddlerhood.

We source our fabrics from local suppliers. Hand made locally, using soft Cotton Lycra with surged edges to allow for more stretch.

Baby’s comfort is of utmost importance, so no zips, velcro and buttons are used. 

Choose from our current range of stunning lust-have prints to include in a styled baby photo shoot, or as a baby shower gift.

Included in the swaddle bundle set is a matching headwrap or beanie.

Follow the swaddling instructions provided with each purchase.


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